Sunday, December 28, 2008

Chapter 8 : HAPPY TIDING 1

The term - HAPPY TIDING signifies any monetary/material contribution made to us, in support of this project. This alert will be employed throughout the blog as and when there is/are such kind donation(s) made.

Our first corporate sponsorship from China was pledged on Saturday, 27 Dec 08. At this point of time, this generous and humble Chinese lady, who wishes for her name not to be made known, has commit to support us with $10 000 seed funding for the project.

We are extremely touched by the kind deed. Thank you for believing in our endeavour, even before it has barely make its mark.

Chapter 7 : December 08 update on book project


This has been an inspiring journey for me - to be able to interact and embrace diverse views from people of different culture, background. Nisa has been with me in most of the small group meetings and I am absolutely sure that she feels the same way too. Again, I would like to thank these individuals for making time to meet us.

Akhtaar, Yasmeen - 15 Nov 08
Shaifudin - 16 Nov 08
Rizal, Jamil, Rahim - 17 Nov 08
Fazidah, Nizan - 23 Nov 08
Akhtaar, Raidah - 3 Dec 08
Helmy, Iqbal, Shaifudin - 4 Dec 08
Sharon Choo - 17 Dec 08
Jaime, Stephanie - 17 Dec 08
Arfat Selvam - 17 Dec 08
Dora Yip - 17 Dec 08
Han Kiang - 20 Dec 08
Shahada - 22 Dec 08
Iqbal, Shaifudin - 25 Dec 08
Heriani Suliana - 30 Dec 08

Our volunteer team is expanding over time and I am pleased to witness this development. We warmly welcome the benevolent gesture. Your support, in one way or the other will certainly contribute to the success of the book project. You can view the updated list of names of our volunteers in Chapter 2.

We had our 2nd mass meeting on 6 Dec 08. An encouraging response, with 23 volunteer turn-ups. Volunteers had identifed area/s of contribution and were then grouped in respective teams for further discussions.

A. Writing & Publishing team (Nisa as co-ordinator)
Main Role : to oversee the production of book, which includes to write/find writers to write/edit stories & to conceptualise book

B. Marketing & Corporate Sponsorship team (Shaifudin as co-ordinator)
Main Role : to appeal for corporate sponsorship, to market product to various agencies locally, abroad & develop website & online sales

C. Events Management team (Ruhainah as co-ordinator)
Main Role : to organise, run various fund raising events

Working committee

  • Writing & Publishing team:
1. Nisa (co-ordinator)
2. Hamzah
3. Jamil
4. Juniper
5. Azmi
6. Khairuddin
7. Martina
8. Nurulhuda
9. Fazidah
10. Nizan

It has been agreed that a volunteer writer can take up to 3 stories and submit 1st drafts by end Feb 09. We plan to have the 1st print of the books between Jun and Sep 09.

We are fortunate to have 2 professional writers, Jaime and Stephanie, who will be available to guide our budding writers and eventually lend their expertise to gel the 20 human stories together into a book. A workshop for the volunteer writers is tentatively fixed on the 1st Saturday of Jan 09. More details on the workshop will be made known soon.

I applaud Fazidah for submitting the first written story on 20 Dec 08. She was unwell but able to take an amazing 1 night to complete a life story. Frankly, I do not think I am not capable of such feat. Thank you for the sincere and prompt effort, Fazidah! It is also heartening that some volunteers believe this publication could be a source for National Education for Singapore and every educational institution should have at least few copies of this book for its students and teachers. Yes, we can attain this objective! Let's produce a quality reading material for this purpose and strive to serve beyond this market.

  • Marketing & Corporate Sponsorship team:

1. Shaifuddin (co-ordinator)
2. Akhtaar
3. Kamaludeen

  • Events Management team:

1. Ruhainah (co-ordinator)
2. Iqbal
3. Tabrani
4. Rahim
5. Osman
6. Mohd Firoz
7. Aishah

It appears to me that the marketing team is severely short-handed. I hope that a few members from the events management and writing teams can play dual role to source for corporate sponsorship as well. Alternatively, we can consider to merge the 2 teams. I will also be checking with the rest of our volunteers of their areas of interest and involvement.

Volunteer Shaifudin has soaring hope for the trio to achieve target of $1 million proceeds from this project. Although a little sceptical of that expectation at first - considering the unpromising global economic situation, I am also truly motivated by his dedication. I support his aspiration, nothing is unachievable with strong determination and genuine conscience of intent to help the unfortunate others. So, marketing team, let's try our best and conjure some dynamic fund-raising/marketing strategies by this week. $1 million it shall be. Together, we can do this - all for the children-in-need!

Advisory & Editorial Committee
We would be inviting significant individuals to be part of the 2 committees. They will be offering ideas, rendering expertise and deciding on key matters pertaining to the book project.

Words of Gratitude
So far, the general support for this cause has been miraculous that even Katong Community Centre provides free usage of rooms for our volunteer meetings.

I also wish to extend my sincere thanks to:

Helmy and Juniper for your continuous encouragement and constructive suggestions. Khairuddin for helping to vett my written work.

Myself, on behalf of the Home and Muhammadiyah Association, deeply appreciate your time and commitment. Hope to foster a happy and enjoyable working relation with all. Have a wonderful festive holiday and a Happy New Year!

Here are the pictures taken during the last mass meeting. Till we meet again...