Sunday, October 18, 2009

Chapter 16 : Participating outlets for Many Roads Home

1. ZEN AURA Face & Body Wellness
66 Bussorah Street Singapore 199479 Tel : 6299 1600
Contact person : Hayati Kasmani (Director)

134 Arab Street Singapore 199824 Tel : 6295 1011
Contact person : Badrolhisham Abdul Shatar (Operations Manager)

No. 257 Beach Road / Arab Street Singapore (on the corner of Beach Road and Arab Street) Tel : 6396 9096
Contact person : Tasneem (owner)

200 Turf Club Road #01-61 Turf City Singapore 287994 Tel : 6469 1203
Contact person : Suriah Hasmawi (owner)

Blk 1 Joo Chiat Road #01-1031 Joo Chiat Complex Singapore 420001 Tel : 6743 6546
Contact person : Rosman

Tanjong Katong Complex 845 Geylang Road #01-37 Singapore 400845 Tel : 6845 5681
Contact person : Madina (owner)

Blk 1 Joo Chiat Complex #02-1015 / 1017 / 1019 Joo Chiat Road Singapore 420001
Contact person : Jamil Hasan (owner)

20 Joo Chiat Road #02-11 Singapore 427357 Tel : 6348 3498
Contact person : Fauziah S Alias (Director)

No. 20 Joo Chiat Road #03-03 Singapore 427357 Tel : 6748 7982
Contact person : Maimunah Awang (Director)

448 Changi Road #01-05 Wisma Indah Singapore 419975 Tel : 6346 6230
Contact person : Faris

Monday, October 12, 2009

Chapter 15 : MWH Project Advisors

Shaik Hussain Shaik Yacob

Ustaz Shaik Hussain is the President of Muhammadiyah Association, a post he held since 1983. Under his leadership, the organisation grew by leaps and bounds, and today is a highly regarded Islamic NGO. Truly a visionary, he was instrumental in the setting up of key Muhammadiyah educational and social institutions, including MWH. As the President, he doubles up Chairman of the Management Committees for all these institutions.

For the last 25 years, Ustaz Hussain has dedicated his life to bring Muhammadiyah to where it is today.

Mohamed Gazali Alistar

A former Hub Manager of a renowned US courier company, Gazali was elected as the Association’s General Secretary in 2003. Ever since, he has dedicated his time and efforts to ensure the smooth running of the organisation, its institutions and business arm.
His appointment automatically made him the secretary for the Management Committees under the purview of Muhammadiyah.

With his vast experience, Gazali plays a crucial role to ensure the Muhammadiyah remain abreast with the ever changing world.

Shaik Mohd Iqbal

Iqbal is a senior producer with Mediacorp. Currently, he is the editor of DETIK, a weekly current affairs programme aired on the SURIA Channel. Occasionally, he reports for Channel News Asia.

As a volunteer, Iqbal has been a Muhammadiyah EXCO member for over a decade. He also sits in the Management Committee of Muhammadiyah institutions, including MWH.
Iqbal has been Muhammadiyah's representative to several community-based organisations. Of noteworthy, as member of Mendaki Board of Directors, and EXCO member, TAA Foundation.

Arfat Selvam

Arfat is an Advocate & Solicitor and the Managing Director of a law practice, Arfat Selvam Alliance LLC.

Arfat has made significant contributions to the community at large. She was one of the founder members and still serves on the Executive Committee of Breast Cancer Foundation. She is President of Muslim Financial Planning Association. She also serves on the Board of Trustees of Rahmatan Lil Alamin Foundation Ltd.

One of her community efforts includes mentoring an abused child of MWH since 1994 and continues to guide her until today. The story of the former resident will be featured in ‘Many Roads Home’. The former resident is currently pursuing a degree course, sponsored by her employer company.

Koay Peng Yen

Peng Yen is a senior corporate executive who has been based in China, U.S., and Singapore.
He is an executive board member of a maritime, logistics, offshore, and ocean engineering conglomerate.

Peng Yen strongly believes in corporate social responsibility and caring for the community. He has supported various voluntary organizations (locally and overseas) in his corporate and personal capacity.

Peng Yen is a writer to one of the stories in ‘Many Roads Home’.

Mohamad Helmy Mohd Isa

Helmy is the Assistant Director (Mosques) for MUIS / Islamic Religious Council Singapore for Mosque Policy & Planning Strategic Unit. All the mosques in Singapore come under his purview.
He is the former Head for MUIS Youth Engagement & Strategic Unit and had been the key strategist for various youth activities and programmes in the mosques.

Helmy is an active volunteer in the Fellowship of Muslim Students Association (FMSA) since his schooling days. He actively trains youth in leadership courses.
Helmy is a close friend of MWH. He has known MWH since 1996 and has mentored several children of the Home. They still keep in contact till today.

In fact, Helmy suggested to document the lives of the children of MWH and their success stories. He also proposed to include the chapter on significant people who have made tremendous contributions to the Home during its 20 years of service. Thereon, he continues to follow the progress of the project.

Mohamad Azmi Shahbudin

Azmi currently works at the National Parks Board (NParks) as Head of Community In Bloom programme, a 3P outreach program that aims to foster greater community involvement in our urban greenery.

Azmi oversees a team of consultants who provide guidance to community groups in the planning and organising of community-based greening projects in residential estates, schools and organizations. He also organizes initiatives that help ensure the sustainability of such projects.

Through his work and spare time, he regularly engages with volunteers, grassroots organizations, schools, educationists, charities, corporations and environmental groups, where he advocates building links between different segments of the community, using our natural affinity towards greenery as a catalyst to bring people closer.
Azmi is a graduate of the National University of Singapore. His involvement at MWH happened by chance and arose out of his curiosity to learn more about its rehab programme. He was drawn in by MWH’s sincerity and high level of commitment towards wanting to change lives.

As a father of two school-going children, he finds pleasure in reading history, and researching on the development of human society around plants and greenery. Having been born and raised in a village, he is a firm believer in fostering social wellbeing through rekindling community spirit and self-help – ‘Gotong Royong’.

Fadzuli Wahab

Fadzuli is a young Internet Entrepreneur. He is ‘one of Asia’s leading entrepreneurs in small/medium sized business’ (as quoted by The Asia Business Investor Podcast in May 09). He owns 3 businesses.

One of those is a trading business marketing Sabun Taharah @ He is the founder of IslamicSG Networks LLP which owns Islamic portals like, and many more – they are one-stop online portals to promote events from the various Muslim organizations/activities in Singapore. He is also a consultant to Abang Abu -,, to Sujimy Mohd ( & and many more.

He has recently started a Virtual Internet Specialist Course to train participants to be online marketeers and to support company online marketing campaigns to go Global.
Fadzuli is a member of the Malay Chamber of Commerce.

Fadzuli, out of goodwill, uses his IT knowledge to serve and benefit the Muslim community at large, by providing a common online avenues to market and promote their services/activities.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Chapter 14 : MWH cause 2009 - Aug/Sep update

We meet again, on 090909 ;) Hope this reaches you well.

Hari Raya Aidilfitri is just round the corner. This is the busiest time of the year for CEO of 2nd Chance Properties, Hasan Marican. One of 2nd Chance's businesses is the production of traditional apparels for the Malay community and they sell like 'hot cakes' during the festive seasons. Even so, every year, without fail, for the past 16 years, CEO Hasan would 'reserve' (before the start of the fasting month) the baju kurungs for the children of MWH. It took quite a while for us to convince CEO Hasan before he agreed to be featured in 'Many Roads Home'. His significant contribution brings hope and joy to the children during Aidilfitri and an excellent example of the role of 'Many Helping Hands' that the book hopes to portray. It is also an acknowledgement to the individuals/volunteers/corporations for their admirable effort to help the underpriviledged.

Among other ways exemplify 'Many Helping Hands' include the sharing of expertise and resources between agencies. In this instance, we are extremely grateful to Beyond Social Service for introducing a Social Circus Trainer, Andrea Ousley from Swinburn University. Andrea conducts an interesting and unique programme known as Cirque Du Monde (for young people) and she has extensive experience with troubled kids in different parts of the world. Cirque du Monde enables young people to achieve their full potential.

We are happy that the Executive Director of Beyond Social Service, Gerard Ee, himself, together with Assistant Director Vincent Lim, and their staff joined our humble Iftar or 'break fast together' during Ramadan on 29 Aug 09 at MWH. We are also pleased to receive Professor Dr Frank Früchtel from the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences (Faculty of Social Work) and other MWH volunteers Joe Lim, Jamil Yusak, Munirah and Sabariah. MWH also invites parents/guardians to spend time with their children in MWH during Iftar. Such gatherings definitely bring us closer and we are delighted to have the non-Muslims as well.

In this note, I would like to express thanks to Fazidah and the Ministry of Education for looking into providing some items for the classrooms for MWH new premise. And to Hsu Chern from Rabobank for making time to know more about MWH and exploring on what other ways to help.

MWH project 2009 would not have come this far without the continuous guidance and support from the MWH Project Advisors. These individuals are indeed 'unsung heroes' and community leaders in their own distinctive ways. You have to read about them and be inspired as much as they have inspired me! Nisa and former Superintendents Hamzah Abdul Rahman, Jamil Yusak and Tabrani have been very much active in the projects and they are the key source of motivation. With this, I hope I have answered RJC student Yusnellie's enquiry about the key individuals behind MWH's worthy endeavours.

At this juncture, MWH still requires the community's support in its effort to help the children in need. Do spread the word about:

'Adopt A Room' - urgent
Pre-order 'Many Roads Home'
Be a Volunteer

To all our student volunteers having exams, Persevere On! To our Muslim Brothers and Sisters, May you have a blessed Ramadan and to all, Have a meaningful week ahead.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Chapter 13 : MWH cause 2009 - Jul/Aug update

The inspiration to document warm, human stories from the MWH was initiated in Sep 08. It is written, illustrated and designed by some 35 local and international professional volunteers and student volunteers from the Raffles Junior College (RJC). The book, tiltled 'Many Roads Home', is expected to be launched in Nov 09 at the National Library Board (NLB).

The editors, Stephanie Ho and Jaime Koh from the History Workroom are doing the final round of editing to the stories. Megat and Fadly from Avant Garde Imageworks are submitting the pictures of the Home, former residents and volunteers, to be inserted in the book. Hong Yin from Red Ink Communications will then look into the final book layout. We are ahead of time for the books to be printed in Oct 09. Thank you to all volunteers working in this endeavour.

On 29 Jul 09, MWH is honoured by a kind visit by the Director of Corporate Projects of the Singapore Sports Council (SSC), Addy Suhairi, Senior Executive SSC, Nor Ain and Executive Volunteer Management of Singapore Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee SYOGOC, Alan Chen.

Addy Suhairi strongly believes that sports can be an effective tool to make the positive change in disadvantaged youth. We agree with Addy Suhairi wholeheartedly. In fact, in one of the stories in 'Many Roads Home', we'll learn on how a former resident of MWH has made a significant turning point in his life by engaging and excelling in sports. He was abandoned by both his parents at a tender age due to their prolonged incarceration. He is now pursuing a tertiary education in Sports & Exercise Science and earning some income as a soccer coach to primary school students during the weekends. A well-written piece by volunteer Martina Ambrose from the National Youth Council (NYC).

Another MWH volunteer driven effort that takes off this year, 'Wish For Home 2009' project, aims to raise funds for the new MWH premise. The Home would officially open its doors in Dec 09.

We are also very pleased to receive unreserved support from our partners. Definitely, we are equally thankful to the following sponsors of 'Wish For Home 2009':
Rabobank - for the computers and adoption of the Computer Room
Volunteer Albert Chong - for the adoption of the Music Room
ITE College Central (Bishan Campus) and an individual sponsor - for the adoption of the Library
Singapore Malays Football Club - for the adoption of field and possible adoption of the street soccer court
NParks - for the landscaping and beautifying of the entrance area
MWH still needs your support for its shift to the new premise. We are still far off from reaching our financial objective of $1/2 million. There is still plenty of rooms available for adoption and abundance of opportunities for you to help these children in every way possible. MWH accepts donations in cash, kind or volunteer service. Do contact me for details, I'll be delighted to attend to your enquiries.

If you have missed last month's update, our heartiest congratulations to:

Nisa bt Majeed (Rahmatunnisa Abdul Majeed)
Nisa is presently appointed as the Acting Superintendent of MWH wef 1 Jul 09. She will be assisted by a team of capable and dedicated staff , which include the Head of Operations, Assistant Superintendent Rahim. He overseas all operation aspects of the Home. The Head of Rehab is Senior Social Worker Mardiana. Her team consists of 5 social/case workers. You can do it, Nisa!

Peter Gould
Peter is the designer for MWH book cover. He has recently won the ISNA's 2009 poster & branding competition and his work was exhibited at the ISNA convention in Washington DC in Jul 09. He had completed a series of events during his tour to UAE, UK, USA, Spain from 15 Jun to 15 Jul 09. All the best, Peter!

Volunteer Tasneem is opening the 1st halal Swedish restaurant - Fika Swedish Cafe and Bistro at corner of Arab Street (257 Beach Road) in end Jul 09. Do check it out. Way to go, Tasneem and Fika!

Till we meet again, have a fun and fulfilling week ahead:)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Chapter 12 : MWH new premise in Bedok North

Current state

Artist impression of new premise

Muhammadiyah Welfare Home (MWH) is a gazetted children’s Home of the Ministry of Community, Youth & Sports (MCYS) since Dec 1989. The Home takes care of about 70 male children, most of them come from broken families. They are between 10 and 17 years of age and are ordered by either the Juvenile Court or MCYS to reside in the Home for 2 to 3 years.

In the last quarter of 2009, the Home is moving to its new premise at former Min Xin Primary at Bedok North St 3. We are in the midst of renovating the new site so that it would be conducive for the children to stay and undergo rehabilitation in the Home. With this move, MWH is exploring expanding its social services and increasing its intake to 100 children in the future.

To fulfil this aim, MWH still needs to raise an estimated $500,000 in cash or kind to fund the renovation and restoration works of the Bedok site as well for the furniture and fittings for the new premise.

------------------------MWH Book Project 2009--------------------------

A volunteer driven effort.
MWH book 2009 titled 'MANY ROADS HOME'
- dedicates a voice to the young protaganists (mostly former children of MWH) who have overcome adversity and endured several painful knocks of blunders and struggles during their adolescent years.

- features the unsung heroes (volunteers, agencies and corporations) who have, in one way or the other shaped the lives of the children. It is hoped that the collection of their human stories could inspire, touch someone's life and be a rallying point to others. The books are expected to be published in Sep 09. All proceeds from the project will be chanelled directly to the Home to support the above cause.

Chapter 11 : May 09 update

Volunteer involvement:

To date, we have 93 passionate volunteers working in this project - 45 local professionals from the government/private sectors, 45 local students and 3 foreign professionals (from Australia, UK, China).

Slighly over 30 volunteers are involved in the writing, illustrating and designing of the book. A volunteer is developing the project website and another will be checking the accounts. The rest are in the events/marketing team.

We are collaborating with 5 schools and their involvement as such:
Ngee Ann Polytechnic - participating in events
Raffles Junior College - book writing, illustrating
ITE Bishan - participating in events
Lasalle School of Filming - developing the corporate video for the Home and project
Temasek Junior College - fund-raising activities
There is a possibility for corporate/organisation volunteer involvement as well.

Roadshow/fund-raising activity:

On 30 Apr 09, Temasek Junior College (TJC) students will be having a fund-raising event in their school compound, through sale of T-shirts, handphone chain and other merchandises. All proceeds will be chanelled to the MWH book project. The students aim to raise some $750 from this effort.
Income / Expenses (as at 21 Apr 09)

We sent out 80 appeal letters to the Home's regular donors in Mar 09.

Received $34 600 in cash/pledges from 13 individuals, 7 of which are from the Appeal letters.
Received 19 GIRO pledges during Welfare Fiesta event in Mar 09, $270/mth
Received $1400 from sale of merchandise during Welfare Fiesta event in Mar 09
Spent $1270 on project expenses (since Sep 08)

Total income = $36 270 - $1270 = $35 000
At this juncture, we have covered the cost of printing of books and professional fees. All income coming in now will be chanelled directly to support MWH renovation cost.

Future plans:

To confirm Patron for project by Jun 09
To follow book publishing schedule closely so that the book can be published by Sep 09
To ensure best quality of writing, illustration and design for book
To continue to have roadshows to promote GIRO pledges and MWH book project awareness at least once a month
To approach corporations for sponsorships for MWH new site from May 09 onwards

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tribute to volunteers and the Good Work in this project

Hi everyone,

It's been a challenging, yet very fulfilling in our efforts to do this Book project for MWH. A learning experience for us indeed - every single day when meeting up with new people and getting in touch with our former residents, staff, volunteers and well wishers. We are so grateful to be given the opportunity to discuss and explore the different aspects of the project with such wonderful and passionate people. Thank you!

We have had several milestones in this project so far.... meeting with many volunteers who are very warm and forthcoming to be part of this Book Project. We met up with Ms Zuraidah Abdullah (CEO), Mr Halim, Ms Haslinda and Ms Hafiza from Mendaki and they are full of support for us. Meeting up with Mrs Morene Sim and her colleagues from Student Care Centre and they share so much experience with us in producing a book with a lot of take aways :). Great contact from Peng Yen. We also had a meeting with Mrs Cheah, Principal of Commonwealth Sec and they are proud that one of their students cum our former resident would be featured in the Book! :). Juniper, you took time off from lecturing to be with us :). Not forgetting, our dedicated and wonderful group of volunteers writers who had sacrificed time for meetings and discussions to write the stories. Great effort and committment.

Students from RJC (Yuhui and Yusnelly and the gang), former students from RJC (Natalie and the gang) and ITE Bishan (Mrs Tahir {Suhailah}, Bavani, Jacky and the gang ) are great in their support for the writing team and events team. One former Nanyang High Girls students, Amanda is helping to develop the website, purely voluntarily. Red Ink Communications with Hongyin leading, are starting to do the illustration and design of the book with students from RJC too. Stephanie and Jamie, 18 stories should come in by the first week of April :) Zheng Kai and the gang from LaSalle School have come forward to work on filming our Mountbatten premise, former residents , staff, volunteers especially those featured in the Book. We plan to work on MWH Corporate video, in particular featuring the evolution of the Book Project. Filming should start in May 09. Our Management Committee has been so supportive to us on this Project, thank you, Chairman Ustaz Hussain.

For everyone's update, we participated in events to promote the inception of the Book Project, through Youth Got Heart at Bishan Junction 8 organised by RJC on 28 Feb 09 and our very own MWH Charity Fiesta on 28th and 29th Mar 09. Great job by events team led by Ruhainah and the gang !. Significantly to Aishah and Sophiawati for your wonderful effort to decorate and design the "Gigantic Book" for the Opening ceremony. Coincidentally, it was our last Welfare Fiesta at our Mountbatten premise and it was so nostalgic. Good work Resource Development Unit of MWH :), Zul and the gang. Not forgetting Akhtaar who squeezed time to give a brief speech during the opening ceremony despite being busy with his debut magazine launch on the same day.

If you manage to catch the media buzz on Obama look-alike, it was our event on 28th and 29th Mar 09 !... promoting the inception of the book project by MP for Marine Parade GRC, Dr Fatimah Lateef. Rosna was interviewed too :) by the media. Iqbal, great idea to bring Obama look alike to Singapore. Photo taking of Obama Look Alike with Whitehouse backdrop at $10 each for charity was wonderfully done by Nasir and his assistant Abdul Rashid. Hey, we are glad to have some sponsors for the Obama look-alike trip to Singapore, Arief Ang from Waroeng Penget, Hamzah Mohd for getting sponsor for the hotel and the 2 'guides' for "Obama", Iqbal and Rahim. For some, they manage to catch a photo with "Obama' at Mustafa Centre :).

We are also heartened to receive calls from companies and individuals enquiring on this project. We really hope the financial support is going to be just as great as the support we have received so far for the writing and events team.

The team is definitely planning and looking forward to have road shows and events every month to promote the book, leading to its launching in Aug/ Sep 09 :) ie the soft launch and the official launch itself. Volunteers, do come forth with ideas and support in the events that we could organise , we would be glad to listen and discuss. On top of all this, we are looking forward to have our first Advisory Meeting on the Book Project on 17 April 09.

Will keep you posted with more meaningful and exciting updates on this project :)