Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tribute to volunteers and the Good Work in this project

Hi everyone,

It's been a challenging, yet very fulfilling in our efforts to do this Book project for MWH. A learning experience for us indeed - every single day when meeting up with new people and getting in touch with our former residents, staff, volunteers and well wishers. We are so grateful to be given the opportunity to discuss and explore the different aspects of the project with such wonderful and passionate people. Thank you!

We have had several milestones in this project so far.... meeting with many volunteers who are very warm and forthcoming to be part of this Book Project. We met up with Ms Zuraidah Abdullah (CEO), Mr Halim, Ms Haslinda and Ms Hafiza from Mendaki and they are full of support for us. Meeting up with Mrs Morene Sim and her colleagues from Student Care Centre and they share so much experience with us in producing a book with a lot of take aways :). Great contact from Peng Yen. We also had a meeting with Mrs Cheah, Principal of Commonwealth Sec and they are proud that one of their students cum our former resident would be featured in the Book! :). Juniper, you took time off from lecturing to be with us :). Not forgetting, our dedicated and wonderful group of volunteers writers who had sacrificed time for meetings and discussions to write the stories. Great effort and committment.

Students from RJC (Yuhui and Yusnelly and the gang), former students from RJC (Natalie and the gang) and ITE Bishan (Mrs Tahir {Suhailah}, Bavani, Jacky and the gang ) are great in their support for the writing team and events team. One former Nanyang High Girls students, Amanda is helping to develop the website, purely voluntarily. Red Ink Communications with Hongyin leading, are starting to do the illustration and design of the book with students from RJC too. Stephanie and Jamie, 18 stories should come in by the first week of April :) Zheng Kai and the gang from LaSalle School have come forward to work on filming our Mountbatten premise, former residents , staff, volunteers especially those featured in the Book. We plan to work on MWH Corporate video, in particular featuring the evolution of the Book Project. Filming should start in May 09. Our Management Committee has been so supportive to us on this Project, thank you, Chairman Ustaz Hussain.

For everyone's update, we participated in events to promote the inception of the Book Project, through Youth Got Heart at Bishan Junction 8 organised by RJC on 28 Feb 09 and our very own MWH Charity Fiesta on 28th and 29th Mar 09. Great job by events team led by Ruhainah and the gang !. Significantly to Aishah and Sophiawati for your wonderful effort to decorate and design the "Gigantic Book" for the Opening ceremony. Coincidentally, it was our last Welfare Fiesta at our Mountbatten premise and it was so nostalgic. Good work Resource Development Unit of MWH :), Zul and the gang. Not forgetting Akhtaar who squeezed time to give a brief speech during the opening ceremony despite being busy with his debut magazine launch on the same day.

If you manage to catch the media buzz on Obama look-alike, it was our event on 28th and 29th Mar 09 !... promoting the inception of the book project by MP for Marine Parade GRC, Dr Fatimah Lateef. Rosna was interviewed too :) by the media. Iqbal, great idea to bring Obama look alike to Singapore. Photo taking of Obama Look Alike with Whitehouse backdrop at $10 each for charity was wonderfully done by Nasir and his assistant Abdul Rashid. Hey, we are glad to have some sponsors for the Obama look-alike trip to Singapore, Arief Ang from Waroeng Penget, Hamzah Mohd for getting sponsor for the hotel and the 2 'guides' for "Obama", Iqbal and Rahim. For some, they manage to catch a photo with "Obama' at Mustafa Centre :).

We are also heartened to receive calls from companies and individuals enquiring on this project. We really hope the financial support is going to be just as great as the support we have received so far for the writing and events team.

The team is definitely planning and looking forward to have road shows and events every month to promote the book, leading to its launching in Aug/ Sep 09 :) ie the soft launch and the official launch itself. Volunteers, do come forth with ideas and support in the events that we could organise , we would be glad to listen and discuss. On top of all this, we are looking forward to have our first Advisory Meeting on the Book Project on 17 April 09.

Will keep you posted with more meaningful and exciting updates on this project :)