Friday, February 13, 2009

Update on Progress of Our Writing Team

Hi everyone,

We are blessed with a group of talented and dedicated volunteers for this team :)

Right now, 14 volunteers has been matched with a former residents; each one is crafted with a unique story angle. So far, we have managed to trace 17 former residents who are willing to work together with us. We have also gotten Jaime and Stephanie to be on board the project, as our editors.

As one of our aims is to highlight the multi-hands approach by our Home, we are actually connecting with the agencies, ministries and institutions and individuals who have significantly shaped each of the lives of the former residents. We are in the process of getting connected to MCYS, the Juvenile Court and even a Judicial Official to be part of our book.

Will keep everyone posted on the progress. I hope to get in touch with the other former residents real soon for the rest of the matching and get the 20 draft stories ready :). Happy Writing.