Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Chapter 11 : May 09 update

Volunteer involvement:

To date, we have 93 passionate volunteers working in this project - 45 local professionals from the government/private sectors, 45 local students and 3 foreign professionals (from Australia, UK, China).

Slighly over 30 volunteers are involved in the writing, illustrating and designing of the book. A volunteer is developing the project website and another will be checking the accounts. The rest are in the events/marketing team.

We are collaborating with 5 schools and their involvement as such:
Ngee Ann Polytechnic - participating in events
Raffles Junior College - book writing, illustrating
ITE Bishan - participating in events
Lasalle School of Filming - developing the corporate video for the Home and project
Temasek Junior College - fund-raising activities
There is a possibility for corporate/organisation volunteer involvement as well.

Roadshow/fund-raising activity:

On 30 Apr 09, Temasek Junior College (TJC) students will be having a fund-raising event in their school compound, through sale of T-shirts, handphone chain and other merchandises. All proceeds will be chanelled to the MWH book project. The students aim to raise some $750 from this effort.
Income / Expenses (as at 21 Apr 09)

We sent out 80 appeal letters to the Home's regular donors in Mar 09.

Received $34 600 in cash/pledges from 13 individuals, 7 of which are from the Appeal letters.
Received 19 GIRO pledges during Welfare Fiesta event in Mar 09, $270/mth
Received $1400 from sale of merchandise during Welfare Fiesta event in Mar 09
Spent $1270 on project expenses (since Sep 08)

Total income = $36 270 - $1270 = $35 000
At this juncture, we have covered the cost of printing of books and professional fees. All income coming in now will be chanelled directly to support MWH renovation cost.

Future plans:

To confirm Patron for project by Jun 09
To follow book publishing schedule closely so that the book can be published by Sep 09
To ensure best quality of writing, illustration and design for book
To continue to have roadshows to promote GIRO pledges and MWH book project awareness at least once a month
To approach corporations for sponsorships for MWH new site from May 09 onwards

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